Getting some rest

For the month of April, I didn't have so many things to do and it's refreshing that you get some time to sleep, you get to pamper yourself, and even organize your thoughts. I was able to think things through and analize. I appreciate that I can work at my own phase. I really felt good to reconnect with old friends and bound with new friends.

I learned from myself that I was sort of consumed with my desire to be somebody. I know that some came from influences around me, it seems like I am constantly trying to make a mark and prove to people that I am better than who they though I was. I was becoming self-centered and insecurities set in. I am like competing that I don't want some people would think that I am not a winner. When I felt sad, I was searching for answers and asked God for direction. I realized then that, I can never be prettier and can never be smarter and I just have to surrender all my cares to him. It was not automatic, but at least, things progressed.

The circumstance where I am in helped me understand what God wants for me. My faith was strengthen and I am able to re-establish myself again in my walk with God. I am still learning as I go on with my ministry and my daily life. Moreover, I am now able to see the beauty of teaching. The Lord just maneuvered the circumstance so that I will really be able to perform the things God wants me to do and give glory to him.