Last week I just read the news from yahoo regarding Facebook's major changes. For the last three weeks of my life, observing how the online tribe was moving and was working on what we need on dreamybunch, the news given by the Facebook main man Mark Zuckerburg is a good news for me!

I am not a geek and my website skills was not in good shape since I worked in advertising and promotions for the last 4 years of my life. Nonetheless the F8 announcement and the big plan made me smile for what I am working on.

So, I could not wait to update my FB TIMELINE even if I heard people saying they hated two colums, still I want it on my page because for the same reason why I want to make elaborate details in my blog is the same exprience I want.  So here is the screen shot of my new timeline - for the purpose of curating my own post like I am tweeking a software that is dedicated to ME AND MY ACTIVITIES which is close to blogging!

The open graph can provided better business related source as well. Even if I love my G+ stream too, because it is giving us better controls on how we post and who gets to read it, that scheme adapted by FB is also helpful. Honestly making a GlossyJoy app is also cool and I was really thinking how my career would benefit in it.

As to how private you can go, then I advice not have a facebook.com account if you are secretive! Hehehe, just one of my colleague told me, he values his privacy. However, if you are a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY, this is the technology for you!

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