It's been a while that I was not able to post any blog. Two nights ago when I checked my blogger dashboard... viola! AMAZING! The look was totally revamped and I SO LOVE MY BLOGGER DASHBOARD! It's the best look ever for years! I totally find the old interface and look easy to navigate but this NEW LOOK FOR BLOGSPOT is really neat and my oh my... I just luv it!!! I am happy that it looks really sleek and much faster to navigate because it is much like the GOOGLE +. I love the "loading" dialogue box, totally give me the web 2.0 feeling. I mean, working in advertising and seeing a lot of classified ads in newspaper, I feel like I am getting information overload plus the floods of emails I need to check everyday from important subscriptions accompanied with different accounts I have like twitter.com, LinkedIn.com , facebook.com, and other accounts I need to maintain is like my brain can't think clearly due to the clutter. However, the blogger renovation was soo fast that I did not have any problems and I love the feeds I see in my dashboard, I like the white space so much! Hey! to those I subscribed and had linked with my blog... I hope you are happy with the improved and sleek look of the new blogspot.com dashboard to make it user friendly. Thank you for this, I highly appreciate it. 

 However, speaking of happy, I know I am not the only happy person today... because, the winners and result of the search of the NEW JERSY STUDIO Mr. and Ms. Photogenic for the month of August 2011 was already released. Here are the photos of the winners. Once again, I would like to congratulate you. I will see you on the grand finals and I am excited to see you grace our up coming magazine.

For the New Jersy Studio artist and photographers, thank you for your dedication to make this first part happen. We'll raise the bar in the coming Grand final rounds.

Thank you to our partner as well, the Abreeza Ayala Malls! More power!

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