A reflection on giving and harvesting

Yesterday,  we started the series in our HGFF Business Group Ministry about God's Purpose for Prosperity written by Michael Gorman. I would like to share some of my own realization and observation on how people react to wealth.

Throughout history, people always look up to those who are wealthy, and people with riches are usually given the chance to decide for the welfare of others.

The supplemental book made mention of honoring God who is the creator of Heaven and Earth with the first fruit. This is in the context of farming that was known to the modern man that gain harvest. Fast forward to our present day for employees, this means the first salary. The first time we were able to receive our entire salary. Now I remember why my late minister grandfather, when I was a kid attending the church service in Digos, during Thanksgiving celebration, they always give time to do have the give the first fruits. I just learned that with such obedience, it will allow us to tap the blessing of God in our life. I will borrow the example given by Pastor Acaso, as he expounded it; in the Filipino Culture, it is a normal practice that when the son/daughter received the first salary, we treat our parents in honor to them for all the sacrifices they have done for us to earn our education and for the support they provided while we were in need of finances in our scholastic activities.

This is something that I overlooked for a while, and thus, I ask God's forgiveness on such matter. However, I am very much aware of the planting of SEED.

This is mostly what we call, sacrificial giving or love gift as mentioned in the book. To those who were blessed with so much and are still being bless as we speak; the act generousity to the ministry, or by way of supporting a missionary, or donating to orphanage are the common thing we see today. I am glad that the verse reminded me of setting aside a seed for the next season to be harvested.

Proverbs 20:4- A sluggard does not plow in season, so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing. 
I do agree and believe that when we plant a seed of love a day, we will also receive love. If we plant our finances in a good steward, we will also receive it in back with increased. If we plant evil deeds, we will also harvest something evil, because this is a natural law established by our creator as we live today. 
I hope this week we will learn to honor this and live a life blessed to bless others too.  If you want to share an experience about how you were blessed, please do share it and let's inspire others too. 

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This is the same book I am currently reading :D

Have a great week!

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