For the last 4 weeks since I left my job, yes... I left my job! And everyone thinks that I kinda threw away what was already something wonderful, but for more than 20 days of my life, I felt wonderful! I am happier that I could spend more time doing what I think is more valuable than DEADLINES... I did a post in my Facebook account like 3 months ago that I am living my life from deadlines to deadlines and not paycheck to paycheck. It has been like that since this year started and I seem to take more and more things to work on that causes me my discontentment. I was sort of forced to take it in because of the expectations of ironing things before deadlines because taking in another person in the team who is not experienced is going to slow the work. I then think that if I go on like this, I will be burned out.

Therefore, I have to make a choice to keep on going and reach a certain status or I would revamp my schedule and work on the things I want to see in the distant future. I then realized that there are so many things that will clog up around me if I don't choose which path I will take. 

Now, I am taking my time off on concerns that I think are cobwebs in my brain and started to go back to what I love, writing and reading and enjoying music with my old friends and recharging myself, and taking time to meditate on God's word too and I'm back in the choir! I sort of skipped the meditation part and went to prayer during those very hectic days of my life but I made choices that I did not regret right now. 

A friend even told me that I found a certain niche for myself. I am happier that I could explore and started to work back in the studio for more creative stuff. This is a good thing that I see myself improved since the last time I worked in the studio in 2006. I was even inspired reading the blog of GARY EWEY yesterday and made some exercises to work on my writing skills too. I am crossing my fingers on the new track we are doing at the moment. I will tell you about that once the song is completed.

I will show you more of  my creative stuff in the future. I hope that in what you do, choose something that will give you fulfillment in life.